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From Vitebsky train station to mini-hotel «Kosmos»

Temporary housing in a few minutes drive from Vitebsky train station - it's convenient. If at the same time the hotel offers excellent service and allows you to relax from the city noise – we are talking about exceptional luck. Space comfort at quite earthly prices: this is a mini-hotel «Kosmos» !

From the train station hustle and bustle to relax in a cozy hotel room – just a few minutes away. Hotel "Kosmos" will provide everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The route from Vitebsky train station to the hotel «Kosmos»:

It is convenient to use the domestic electric train – to the platform "Prospect Slavy". Further to the final point of the route you have to walk about 1.2 km, so we recommend you to take a taxi.

Interesting information

Vitebsky railway station is the oldest in our country. The one-storey wooden building was built in 1837 for the first Tsarskoye Selo railway in Russia. The modern building, dating back to 1904, went down in history again - this time as one of the first public buildings in the art Nouveau style.

How getting to the hotel
from the metro stations

How getting to the hotel
from the railway stations

How getting to the hotel
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