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«Kosmos» hotel near Ladozhskiy train station,
St. Petersburg

Looking for a hotel near Ladozhskiy train station in St. Petersburg, it is important to take into account its geographical location – in order to save on further movements around the city. Mini-hotel «Kosmos» – a real find for those who need the opportunity in a few minutes to get to the main thoroughfares of the city, as well as to the train stations - including Ladozhskiy.

You will find a cozy mini-hotel in the city center. «Kosmos» is a first-class service at quite affordable prices!

The route from the Ladozhskiy train station to the hotel «Kosmos»

You will travel by metro - from the station "Ladozhskaya", the lobby of which is connected to the station room, to the station "Alexander Nevsky Square". Next – switch on the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line and the trip to the metro station "Lomonosovskaya". Then you have to walk to the stop "ulitsa Babushkina" and take bus n.11, taxi K11, K27, К29, К49 or a trolleybus 27-th route to the bus stop "prospekt Kosmonavtov / ulitsa Tipanova".

Interesting information

Ladozhskiy train station, built for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, is the newest and most modern of all the stations of the Northern Capital. Moreover, it is one of the most technically advanced railway stations in Europe. Ladozhskiy train station is built on the principle of "intelligent building", it consists of three levels connected to each other by ramps, escalators and stairs.

How getting to the hotel
from the metro stations

How getting to the hotel
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