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Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa Tipanova 27/39

Looking for a hotel near the Baltiyskiy train station
of St. Petersburg?

Come to the Baltiyskiy train station of St. Petersburg and need a hotel? "Kosmos" hotel is a comfortable hotel just a few minutes drive from Baltiyskiy railway station.

Agree, there is nothing nicer than after the bustle of the station to be in a cozy hotel room. "Kosmos" will provide everything you need for a comfortable stay!

The route from the Baltiyskiy train station to the hotel "Kosmos":

If you do not want to use a taxi, you can take the train to the station "Leninsky Prospekt". Then walk about 130 meters - to the same name public transport stops. There you need to change to bus number 114 or trolleybus routes 29, 35, 45. The final point-stop "prospekt Kosmonavtov / ulitsa Tipanova". The trip will take about 30 minutes.

Interesting information

Baltiyskiy train station - a real architectural monument, because the modern building was built in the middle of the XIX century, and served as a prototype of the Paris East station. Since then, not only the building has been preserved, but also important details: for example, in the stained glass window of the main facade there are watches of the famous brand "Pavel Bure", operating to this day.

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How getting to the hotel
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