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Saint-Petersburg, ulitsa Tipanova 27/39

"Kosmos" hotel is near the metro station "Zvyozdnaya"

If you need a good and not expensive hotel near the metro station "Zvyozdnaya", located on the street Tipanova 27/39 modern hotel "Kosmos" - the perfect choice!

You are waiting for – comfortable rooms, attentive staff, great atmosphere and high level of service, which guarantees a great stay and high comfort of stay, no matter what purpose you visit our city. The convenient location of the mini-hotel allows you to quickly get to any area of St. Petersburg by metro or land transport.

Taking care of each guest, we also offer:

  1. Convenient online booking system.
  2. Transfer from the hotel to Pulkovo airport.
  3. Detailed route how to get to the hotel by metro or other transport on the pages of the official website.
  4. A simple scheme of how to get to the metro station "Zvyozdnaya" in just a few minutes.
  5. Free assistance of the staff in choosing the most interesting sights and drawing up the route around the city.

Choosing a hotel "Kosmos" on metro station "Zvyozdnaya", you get the opportunity to relax efficiently and inexpensively, spending a minimum amount of time on public transport. We offer you to get acquainted with the interior of the hotel and find out the prices for accommodation in 2 or 4-bed rooms and current promotional offers by reading the materials of our website.

Route from Zvyozdnaya metro station to the hotel

In fact, to get from the metro station "Zvyozdnaya" to the hotel you will take quite a bit of time. But this is a good opportunity to see a little bit of Petersburg and his sights

  1. Metro. You go from the station "Zvyozdnaya" to the station "Moskovskaya".
  2. Walking distance (less than 100 meters) from the metro exit to the bus stop of the same name.
  3. Ground transportation. To stop "Prospekt Kosmonavtov / street Tipanova" can be reached by taking the bus number 11, 141 or 59, or by taxi K194 or K27.

It is in this area is the Moskovskaya square, recognized as the largest not only in Europe but also around the world, as well as a picturesque park, where you can relax in your free time, enjoying the coolness of the fountain and beautiful nature.

Our mini-hotel in Moskovskaya, located just a few minutes from the metro station "Zvyozdnaya" , attracts not only the comfort of their rooms, and the original design of the building, fully meets the name of the hotel.

More information about what additional services is ready to offer you the hotel at the metro station Zvezdnaya can be found on the website, or by contacting our staff. To book a room, planning a trip to St. Petersburg, please use the online form, or by phone: +7 (812) 621-24-94.

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