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Hotel at metro Frunzenskaya in Saint-Petersburg

To get to the hotel "Kosmos" from the metro station "Frunzenskaya" can be just a few minutes, making a short but exciting journey through St. Petersburg.

Many guests of the Northern capital, looking for not expensive comfortable accommodation near the station Frunzenskaya, choose our young modern hotel, providing comfortable 2-and 4-bed rooms at an affordable price and providing the opportunity to quickly get to any area of the city.

In order to get from the above-mentioned area to our hotel, you must:

  1. Go 4 stations by metro (from Frunzenskaya to Moskovskaya).
  2. Go to the bus stop (less than 100 meters).
  3. Get off at the stop "prospekt Kosmonavtov / ulitsa Tipanova" riding the bus № 11, 141 or 59 or take a route taxi К194 or K27.
  4. Walk (about 300 meters) from the transport stop to the hotel.

This short trip to St. Petersburg is a great opportunity to explore the city and learn a lot of interesting things. So, for example, the station Frunzenskaya got its name from the big store of the same name, located nearby, and before renaming it was called "Obvodny Kanal". The store itself, built in the 30s, is no less interesting. The building is very original and built in the style of constructivism. The first time the store was closed due to a fire in 1988. The reconstruction lasted until 2001. But, having worked only 6 years, in 2007 it was closed again, after which it was decided to reconstruct the building and since 2009 it houses the concert hall of the Mikhailovsky theater, which you can also visit if you wish.

Mini-hotel on Moskovsky shosse is also striking architectural design, fully consistent with the name of the hotel. We are sure that you will definitely like us and hotel "Kosmos" will be your cozy home for the duration of your stay in St. Petersburg.

To learn more about the mini-hotel and to see in detail the route from the metro Frunzenskaya to the hotel you can on the pages of our website, and ask any questions – please call: +7 (812) 621-24-94.

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