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«Kosmos» hotel is very close to Pulkovo airport!

Hotel «Kosmos» is located in a convenient location in the city of St.Petersburg - in the Moskovskii district, and it is a short drive from Pulkovo airport and a many railway stations. In the immediate vicinity of the mini-hotel there is a convenient parking, Pobedy square and Moskovskaya square, as well as many public transport stops.

Guests of St. Petersburg, who travel by plane, can stay in a comfortable mini-hotel «Kosmos». It opened almost at the same time with the new terminal "Pulkovo", which currently accepts all flights. After arriving at the airport, there is nothing more pleasant than to be in a cozy hotel room as soon as possible. This is the best reason to make a call to the reception of the mini-hotel directly from the airport terminal.

If you are the first time in the Northern Capital of Russia, you will be useful route from the airport to the hotel, indicating the attractions that can be enjoyed during the journey, and modes of transport.

Routes from Pulkovo airport to «Kosmos» mini hotel

How getting to the hotel
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How getting to the hotel
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How getting to the hotel
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